FemInStyle Africa will host a one-day event, on 11th March, 2022, dubbed “IWD 2022: African Women Breaking the Bias”, to commemorate International Women’s Day 2022.

International Women’s Day (IWD) was instituted by the United Nations to celebrate women worldwide, through themes that focus on specific issues affecting women worldwide. IWD is an annual celebration marked on the 8th of March each year. This year’s celebration is under the theme “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow” – #BreakTheBias.

This women-only event will be delivered in a hybrid format, with some attendees in-person, in Accra, and hundreds more joining virtually from around Africa and the rest of the world. Each Aspect of the event addresses these essential questions:

  1. What are the existing gender biases that exist for African women?
  2. How are African women challenging these biases?

Feminist Collective Grief

Attendees will explore the many challenging experiences of African women—across socio-economic backgrounds—and how feminists can journey together toward liberation

Feminist Joy and Futures

Attendees will imagine feminist futures; discuss progress and strategies towards these futures; and celebrate achievements and futuristic work within the movement

Our Collaborators

Speakers & Panellists

We have selected a diverse group of insightful speakers and panellists who will take the stage to inspire and challenge us at our IWD 2022 event.

Meet Them

Partners & Supporters

We are grateful for the mission-aligned organisations who have made financial and other contributions to ensure the success of our IWD 2022 event

Meet Them

Event Details

The event will comprise an opening plenary—with keynote speakers and a panel discussion—followed by breakout sessions, and then a guided bonding and networking session, “Wine and Whine”. On the sidelines of the event, there will be an exhibition featuring female entrepreneurs.

Panel Discussion

Our panel will include an intergenerational set of women with varying backgrounds. The panel discussion will focus mainly on this year’s theme, drawing out the different experiences and insights of our panelists and audience.

Break-Out 1: Dance for Mental Health

This is a session that uses physical movement to achieve balance in mental health. Dancing represents feminists joys while also challenging biases that put constraints on Women for expressing these forms of joy in their lives.

Break-Out 2: Heal and Chill

The Heal and Chill workshop is a safe space for survivors and supporters who want to help victims of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) find a journey to healing, through group therapy, while educating everyone  else on the importance of safe spaces, consent and issues of gender based violence.

Break-Out 3: Reproductive Choice in Ghana—Policies, Awareness, & Access

An interactive session on the context of Sexual and Reproductive Health in Ghana; exploring the policy environment, the socio-cultural influences on access at both supply and demand side, and Marie Stopes International’s mission in Ghana.

Break-Out 4 (Online): Breaking Biases as a Queer Person

Here, online participants speak to queer realities and ways they navigate cis-hetero patriarchal systems and hegemonies.

Break-Out 5 (Online): Afro-Feminist Tech Futures

This session highlights ways in which African feminists are imagining unbiased technology, and providing frameworks for making the internet feminst-friendly.

#CONNECT: Wine & Whine

Wine Life; afro-house and highlife music, with wine, and other alcoholic / non-alcoholic drinks*. Here, feminists get to know each other, share stories and have fun

*please note that attendees will have to pay for their drinks at Wine & Whine