FemInStyle Africa is a women-led digital magazine that is committed to telling the stories of African women by African women. We focus on politics, gender, finance, health, profiles and fashion, lifestyle, and travel with women as the central focus.

Working with us will offer an opportunity to grow in a young and dynamic organisation that values creativity and innovation. We offer a conducive and non-toxic work environment where your contribution is valued and recognised. You will be joining a movement of fun, stylish and fierce women fighting for gender equality! We value:


If you have a story you would like us to publish, please use the link  below to send it, as long as it meets the criteria as outlined below:

Writing Guide (Style and Length)

Thank you for agreeing to write for FemInStyle Africa. This guide is for all our volunteer writers. We expect that everything you turn in will strictly follow these guidelines. A few exceptions will be accommodated but terms and conditions will apply. 

FemInStyle Africa will not accept articles that have been previously published in any format, except we decide as an organization to sponsor the article.

  1.     All submissions should be between 600 and 1000 words. This means that the minimum word count will be 600 and the maximum 1000.
  2.     We are a feminist organization, pro-woman, womxn, LGBT accepting group. All submissions should take these into consideration.
  3.     Writers should write in the first person especially if it is their own experience they are sharing with the audience.
  4.   Writers who share the stories of other people should write in an engaging manner that draws the audience in.
  5.     Writers should write in conversational English that engages the audience. Avoid jargon that the audience may not understand.
  6.     Define all acronyms on first use.
  7.     Provide attribution for all persons quoted including their name, title and company affiliation.
  8.     Provide hyperlinks to your sources and related relevant content whenever possible
  9.   You may provide graphics or images in GIF or JPEG format no larger than 600 pixels. There will be space provided to attach the images or graphics to your submission link. Include a caption of 15-25 words in complete sentences. Also, cite the source of the image graphics and ensure that we have permission to re-use them

10.  Include a two-sentence biography of the author that includes the author’s name, title, and interest areas. Please attach a clear passport-size photo of yourself.

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