We are all unique in every way and that is what makes us beautiful. No matter how far you walk or how many people are said to resemble you, there is only one you. Yes, you may share similar facial features or similar body structures, but you remain unique. That being said, we all have different purposes in life. That is why we need each other. If you can’t cook a decent meal, someone else might know how to and you might be the boss when it comes to electrical wiring. It shouldn’t bother you too much that you are not a chef.

In Africa, we are raised to believe that we must follow a particular road to become successful. You are born, you grow up, you go to school, university, get a job, get married, have babies, raise them and finally die. But, what if you have a passion for something else? What if you have no desire to get married? What if you never get a job that aligns with what you studied in school? What if you can’t afford school fees at a university? There are a lot of what-ifs in the world of today. There is a high chance you may never get a proper job given the high rate of unemployment.

Marriage and family as expectations

According to the World Bank, African youths constitute 60% of the unemployed globally. These statistics are shocking, but there is also hope. You can rediscover your purpose while also improving your financial situation. What is your purpose? Your purpose is your calling; that one thing that drives you to be successful because it is what you were created to do. It comes naturally and effortlessly to you.

So how can you find your purpose? By identifying your skillset. Take a moment and write down your skills. What are you good at doing? You could be good at these things because you learnt them in school or even over time from practising or working. You may have also developed these skills as a necessity, but they form part of your skillset.

You can also find out what you are passionate about. Being passionate about something does not necessarily equate to the things you like doing. Your passion is that idea that burns fiercely within your soul, so much so that you can’t stop thinking about it until you execute it. It is a thing that you will do even if you are not being paid to do it. That, right there, is what you are passionate about. So then, how can finding your passion help you maximise your earning potential?

Maximise your earning potential

It creates an Impact.

When you find your purpose, the odds are that it will have an impact. As women, we are used to playing second fiddle when it comes to going for what we want or sharing ideas with the decision-makers, for fear that it will make no difference. However, if you do not try, how will you know? Whatever skills you have could be needed somewhere to make a difference. If you can design and your office needs a designer, why not pitch the idea to your bosses and request additional income? You would have saved them the stress of hiring someone externally and you would have also increased your salary and your designs might be very impactful on the growth of the company.

If you are passionate about cooking and you have put in the work to improve your skills, you can easily start office food delivery as a side gig and ultimately increase your earning potential. You no longer have to rely on one source of income. As time goes by and your clientele grows, so does your revenue. Do not sit on those passions and skill sets, let them work for you.

You can make an impact

Be in a position to make it happen.

Sometimes, you may have an idea that could make a difference or create an impact, but, unfortunately, you may not be in a position to make it happen. You may want to start a school for vulnerable girls in your community. However, you may not have the funds to achieve this goal at the moment, even though you have the passion to fight for women and girls.

Alternatively, you may have a particular desire to start a digital marketing blog, but there are a lot of skills that you need to learn and put into practice and sharpen before you can start teaching people about it. Maybe you are only limited to social media marketing, but you need all the other skills before you can be a full-fledged digital marketer.

Be in a position to make it happen

You may also be employed and have identified a role that you can play in putting money in the pockets of your bosses as well as your own. Ask yourself what you will need to be able to accomplish that goal, how long it will take and how heavy the task will be before you approach your request. Do not be in a rush to approach them with a half-baked idea.

To be in a position to serve the niche you have identified, you need to develop the right skills and figure out how to find the resources you will need. Do in-depth research before you settle on a side gig or even a main business.

How passionate are you about your money-making ideas?

If the idea isn’t causing you sleepless nights, are you passionate enough to pursue it? When you are passionate about something, the odds are that you will not leave it hanging and move to the next available project. If you want something that will make you feel proud, you need to find something that makes you come alive when you are talking about it.

Remember, you can also be passionate about something and only treat it as a hobby. If you want to turn it into a business, you need to re-evaluate how you handle the daily operations and how your business model works, so that it can generate money for you.

If you write as a hobby and you now want it to become your second stream of income, you have to come up with a rate card and packages for different clients. You have to develop better writing skills, learn how to edit and proofread your work and also how to work with different blogging software. You can not increase your earning potential by still treating it as a hobby, writing for your friends at throwaway prices or having no business plan to help you manage your business accordingly.

Have money making ideas


As a woman, you need to learn how to speak up for what you believe and also defend your ideas fiercely. Do not be put down before you have had a chance to test the theory and prove that it will work. Money has been left in the hands of men for centuries, but if you want to achieve financial freedom, you must take your finances seriously.

Discuss your ideas with someone who is looking out for your best interests, and figure out how you can best use the information to better yourself and generate income from them. Put your best foot forward, put in the hard work, find your purpose and maximise your earning potential.