Mombasa is a tropical island, that is part of Kenya. A melting pot of different cultures, but what my home city is popular know for is the Swahili/ Arab Culture, and it can’t be replicated anywhere else in my country Kenya.

The Swahili/Arabic Culture is something that is so deep in our vein’s as constrains, who are blessed enough to be born here and like me raised, in this tropical Island. This culture is reflected in the food we severe in restaurants and homes, in the traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation, and it’s something I am proud of.

Mombasa is known for its white sandy beaches, cocktails by the pool. But that’s not the only thing my city is known for. If you happen to add Kenya and most definite Mombasa on your travel plans. Here are a couple of things that will make your trip more memorable.

As solo female travel, I have personally done most of the things on this list, and working my way down the list.

Things To Do


1.Fort Jesus: Was built in 1593-1596 by the Portuguese, with the intent for it being protection to the port of Mombasa.  The Fort is still intact, it is an amazing place to take photos, and have a mini photoshoot.

The Butterfly House is located next to the fort and is the home to beautiful butterflies, it is a grass place to learn the importance of biodiversity, in this man-made paradise. The education also teaches you how the local communities have an important part to play in eco-tourism

How to get there: Fort Jesus is located in Mombasa Island along Nkurumah road. You can take a tuk-tuk and tell the driver to take you to Fort Jesus it will cost 50/- ($5) to 100/- ($10) depending on where you are.

2. Old Town: This was the original, town and city centre of Mombasa before, it expanded what Mombasa city is now. The old town has kept the original Swahili culture meaning the narrow streets the beautiful carved Swahili/Arab doors. The original inhabitants were Locals, Arab, Portuguese, Asian and British Settlers.

How to get there: It is right outside Fort Jesus, you can a guide to explain to you the history. A guide will cost you 500 ksh ($50)

3. The Tusks:  The most popular and significant landmark, of elephant tusks, that was built to welcome the visit of Queen Elizabeth in 1952. This is a must-see landmark in Mombasa.

How to get there: They are located in the city Centre on Moi Avenue.

4. Haller Park: Once empty quarry that was filled and converted into a haven/park for various animals and trees. Because of the canopy, this place looks and feels like a jungle. You can feed the giraffes the times are 11 am and 4 pm, you can also watch the crocodile being feed to. The disadvantage is to get a guide, you will need to be in a group.

How to get there: North Coast: Mombasa- Malindi rd, take a left at the Bamburi Junction and go to till the roundabout, take another left, you will see the signage

5. Mamba Village: One of the oldest parks in Mombasa, which houses crocodiles and also breeds and exports the skin. This is an educational place, you will learn things about crocodile you may not already know. They will allow you to hold a baby crocodile and also the snake in the park. You can get a guide, if you happen to be travelling alone.Ps don’t forget to tip them.

How to get there: Nyali Links Road, you will see a giant crocodile.

6.Go Kart: Located on the North coast, the official name is Mombasa Go-Kart, with a group of friends you can live out your Formula 1, fantasy. There is also a paintball section and an Archery Tag. They also have bike tours and furthermore, they have a restaurant that serves fresh fish that comes from their own fish ponds.

How to get there: You find them on them North-Coast, along Mombasa-Malindi Road, 1.5 km after hotel Whitesands, just next to the Petrocity station. There is a big signboard with two flags on the main road.

7. Ride a Camel on the beach:  This is a must activity when you visit Mombasa, a ride on a camel on the beach is a right of passage, like visiting the tusks. There is an adrenaline rush when the camel is going up and when it is going down when you have to disembark. The camels and their guides are found any time of the day on the beach.

8. Snorkelling and Scuba-diving: The best place to such activities, is the south coast in Diani because the water is clearer and has more aquatic creatures on the reefs, You can also do it in mainland Mombasa on the North Coast. Most hotels have a Padi certification, where you can have to scuba dive.

         In mainland,North Coast during low tide you can hire a boats that will take you to snorkel and also feed the fish on the reef during low tides. They is also a small island that appears during low tide.If you’re not staying at a hotel they are boats along the coast that can take you for a fee.

9. Water-sports: In the mainland, the only place is Yul’s for Jet-Skis, If you are staying in any hotel with a beach front, most offer a Watersport activities. They range from Kite Surfing, Paddle Board,Kayaking and Jet-Skies. So most hotels in the Kenya coast North or South Coast, they have different, Watersport offers.

How to get to Yul’s: It is located on Mombasa- Malindi Road after Whitesands Hotel, there a signboard.

10. Quad and Buggy Tours: You can rent Quad and Buggy with xplorediani. The tours will take you around Diani and you also get to interact with some of the locals around the area and get an insight to their way of life.

How to Get There: Located in Diani, South Coast Mombasa. You Have to use the Likoni Ferry to cross to South Coast, the drive Likioni-Ukanda road to Diani. Here is the website to contact and check their prices

Bonus Places:

1.Mama Water Front : The best place to taste some of the local cuisine, like Madafu which is coconut water and also cassava crisps, while enjoying the sea breeze and watching ships pass through the channel either entering or leaving the country.

You can also take a ride on the famous Mombasa ferry, this connects mainland Mombasa to south coast of Mombasa.

Charges: It is free, Best time is the evening

           Prices for Madaufu and Cassava Crips is  50/- each depending on the size of the crips

How to get there: Take a tuk-tuk to Mama Ngina Drive, or take a matatu for Linkoni/ Ferry.

2. A Dhow Cruise: In mainland the best one is to have dinner at the Tamarind Hotel, it is a dinner cruise where you can watch the sunset, enjoy cocktails while sailing on a traditional restored dhow.

3. Wild Waters: The only water park in Mombasa, when the heat get a little bit much this is the perfect place to cool down.