Editors note: Here is a continuation of Benewaa’s story, Enjoy! Here is Part 1 and 2

The Christopher Columbus Experience

The constant excruciating pain didn’t stop. I couldn’t work, I couldn’t go anywhere, I just couldn’t function. As I waited to get the laparoscopy, I decided to get a second opinion. I didn’t think it wise to have a laparoscopy that wasn’t going to permanently fix my problem. I needed the cysts and fibroid gone, not the cysts drained and fibroid left in place. What if the cyst filled up again and the fibroid grew bigger? Plus, laparoscopy is hella expensive. I wouldn’t spend on it for a temporary fix. I spoke with Dr Grace, a doctor friend who co-owns and manages the Sonotech Medical and Diagnostic Clinic. You don’t want to know how often I disturb her with my unending health issues. So I spoke with her and she booked me for a gynecologist appointment with a female doctor she described as a friend and very good at her job and dear was she right?

First of all, I went wearing my best non-sexual panties, okay? You never know how these gynecologist appointments would turn out. Sometimes you get gentle abdominal pressures, other times you end up butt-naked with your legs spread out like you’re about to give birth. The latter is what happened that day. It was a bitter-sweet experience. The doctor was amazing. She was patient, attentive, kind, and funny. I loved her. What started as a slow curiosity-laden conversation transitioned to me telling my life to this woman, heightened to one of the most rigorous abdominal and vaginal checks and climaxed with 3-day injection prescription that eased the constant pain I had been feeling, making it possible for me to resume work. Those late night and early morning trips to the hospital to get the shots were so worth it. Another thing that was worth the discomfort was that trip deep into my cervix and all the necessary Christopher Columbus exploration that went on in there. She prescribed lab tests and scans, and mentioned that I do need surgery, but she wanted to be sure there were no other diseases and also get a more precise view and measurement of the fibroids and cysts. I left that appointment feeling my reproductive system had been explored inside out!

I, unfortunately, didn’t get to see this doctor again. I was referred to another doctor in the same hospital. He reviewed my results from all the tests and scans the previous doctor made me do and also concluded I needed surgery. The MRI scan showed I didn’t have just one fibroid, the damn thing had little cousins and siblings partying in and outside my uterus. Have I told you how the doctors took a look at my blood count and wondered how I was still up and walking? My body was holding its own y’all. With my blood count being way below average, my surgery couldn’t be scheduled immediately. I was prescribed blood supplements, which I made a personal decision to supplement with a glass of freshly juiced turkey berries to you know; speed up the blood count increase. I feel like this is a tell me you’re African without telling me you’re African moment. It worked perfectly as anticipated; bless our ancestors, and at my next appointment, I got a date for my surgery.

To be continued…